Art Club Brings Home 29 Awards from State Competition

Bryant High School Art Club had their most successful year yet at Arkansas Young Artist Association’s State Competition. Students at BHS won a total of 29 awards and 3 scholarships (two from Kansas City Art Institute and one from Memphis College of Art).

Congratulations to the following students for making us #BryantProud:

Oils expressive - Kelsey Harris 2nd place

Acrylic abstract - John Hampton 3rd place, Ashlee Stanley 2nd place, and Kalie DeSaussure 1st place

Watercolor expressive - Joslyn Graves Honorable Mention

Mixed Media 2D realistic - Nathan Mayes 1st place

Mixed Media 2D abstract - Blake Hughes 2nd place

Mixed Media low relief - Aspen Mann Honorable Mention

Cut paper - Kristen Macchi 4th place, Taylor Hicks 2nd place 

Portraits abstract - Kalie DeSaussure 2nd place

Portraits expressive - Kaitlyn Ives 3rd place

Pen/Ink realistic - Sydney Shain 4th place

Pen/Ink expressive - Nick AhSam 3rd place, Nicholas Herrington 2nd place

Scratchboard abstract - Sydney Shipe 2nd place

Pencil/Graphite expressive - Ashlee Stanley 1st place

Colored Pencil realistic - Talia Ross 1st place

Colored Pencil abstract - Blake Hughes Honorable Mention, John Hampton 3rd place, and Kalie DeSaussure 1st place

Colored Pencil expressive - Johnnyangel Navares 2nd place

Oil Pastel realistic - Lauren Fuller Honorable Mention

Markers - Taylor Hicks 2nd place

Crafts - Parker Sherrill 2nd place

Ceramics Nonfunctional - Nick AhSam Honorable Mention, Betsy Zavala 2nd place

Onsite all dry media - Lauren Fuller 2nd place

Onsite pencil - Keri Speer 3rd place

Taylor Hicks was offered a scholarship from Memphis College of Art.

Nathan Mayes and Ashlee Stanley were offered scholarships from Kansas City Art Institute.