Hornet Engineering Successfully Explores Edge of Space at 107,820 Feet

(Aether III Video Special)

The Hornet Engineering Aeronautics and Space Program's third stab at the edge of space was the greatest success yet. Aether III was released February 3rd at 1:00, traveled to an ultimate altitude of 107,820', hit horizontal speeds in excess of 120mph, observed temperatures below -60 degrees Fahrenheit, and covered a straight-line distance of 79 miles in just under two hours. It was a crazy ride.

It was a big event for the entire district. The launch was live-streamed to classrooms across BPSD and the capsule was equipped to allow tracking in real-time online all the way up to max altitude and down to its landing site in Ethel, AR. 

As the name would suggest, this is the third Aether mission, and the first since the loss of Aether II two years ago. It seems fitting that our engineering students learned from past experiments, made improvements and executed their best mission yet on this attempt.

Make it happen.

For more information, visit Hornet Engineering's Aether-specific minisite - http://engineering.bryantschools.org/aether