School Resource Officers

Safety expert. Problem solver. Educator. Law enforcer. All of these and more describe the roles of school resource officers. Through a partnership with the City, Bryant Public Schools is fortunate to have five resource officers working to make the school environment a safe one. 

Lt. Shawn Fullington recently joined the SRO team as the new program leader. Lt. Fullington took over the role in September, bringing over 22 years of law enforcement experience to his new position. He has been with the Bryant Police Department for 16 years, where he continues to serve as SWAT commander. 

“If you want to get into law enforcement and make a difference in kids’ lives, being a School Resource Officer is the way to do it,” says Lt. Fullington. “Building relationships is key. By being present in the hallways and on the campus, we work to make positive contacts, getting to know as many students as possible.”

These daily contacts are powerful — the SRO is not only a protector and provider of safety, but also a role model for many kids who sometimes have no other positive role models in their lives.

SRO officers are a valued part of the Bryant school community. They help provide a safe and secure learning environment for the students and staff in our district. With Lt. Fullington at the helm, they will continue to address safety issues, build relationships, and positively impact the lives of children.